2003 CWSF Honorable Mention Certificate Recipients


Junior Just Like Mom Erin Harris East Kootenay
Genetic Variation in Flax Kimberly Richards Saskatoon
Intermediate Pea Flour Potential Trisha Paulson Parkland
Good Good Good Vibrations Caroline Hulbert Vancouver Island
Waits and Measures Jamie Richardson Pacific Northwest
Building a Better Heart Alex Legge South Shore
Lett-Uce Eat Healthy Nathanael Massey Central Interior British Columbia
AIDS Jeff Gu Farhan Khan Saskatoon
Senior Changement viral autorisé Krystel Marois-Normand Valérie Lacombe Québec
Protéines, exprimez-vous! Grégoire Bernèche Québec
The Effectiveness of Commercial Acne Medications in Killing Propionibacterium acnes Carolyn Holladay Toronto
Wood Rot Andrew Schmidt Victoria County
La revanche des conifères Amélie Govare Québec
Temporal Temperature Gradient Gel Electrophoresis Chris Enns London District

Computing & Mathematical Sciences

Junior Improved Data Storage Michael Kumpula York
Senior Taking the Quantum Leap Jonathan Chan Lambton County
Your wwWEB Vincenzo Marcovecchio Québec
Hanging by a Thread Tiffany Chow Peel
Virus Therapy for Computers Natalie Silvanovich Greater Vancouver

Earth & Environmental Sciences

Junior Fight-o-Remediation Kate Thompson Hyun Ji Cho Greater Vancouver
When Rocks Get Cavities Madeleine Martin Bay Area
Peat Power! Ashoka Subedar Manitoba Schools Science Symposium
Straw Homes, the Answer to Canada's Kyoto Commitment? Gracie Odermatt Northern British Columbia
Gas Guzzling Growth Kristy Thomson Chinook Country
Environmental Impact of Road Deicers Caleb Homewood Avon Maitland-Huron Perth
The Effect of #6 Heating Oil on Elodea canadensis in an Aquatic Environment Shakir Rahim Greater Vancouver
Take Action! Emelie Westdahl Arujun Brahmendra Toronto
Intermediate Christmas Chemystree Kasie Kelln Carlton Trail
'The Sum of Two Wastes=Less Environmental Impact Natalie Lamothe Chignecto Central West
From Brownfields to Greenfields 2 Patrick Martin Bay Area
Senior Powering Kyoto Louise Brennan Ryan Brennan Strait
TREE'ting Wood Better: Sunscreen for Trees Stephanie Chong Greater Vancouver
Over The Limit Ashley Marshall Kelsey Dermott East Parry Sound
Hot Ice Tea: Water Analysis of Great Bear Lake Crystal Vandermeer Israel Neyelle Sahtu
Lowering Mercury Concentration in Water Peter Urbanellis Toronto
Fire, Soil , & CO2 Ryan McLeod Jessica van Frankenhuyzen Algoma Rotary
Erosion: A Quick Fix? Elizabeth Mason Jennie Glassco Frontenac, Lennox, and Addington


Junior Autonomous Robotic Fire Extinguisher Chris Thornton Calgary Youth
The Trebuchet Throwing Trial of the Thirteenth Century Mihail Buse Waterloo-Wellington
The Super Weight Holder - Newspaper Erik Yao Quinte
To Tuck or Not to Tuck Craig Ball Chinook Country
What Relieves Sinusitis? Waylan Grin Chatham-Kent
Solar Pasteurization Robert McEwan Northwestern Ontario
Blown Away Michael Stanford Sudbury
Drinking Water From The Air We Breathe Andrew Pawelka Peel
Copper Slag: Waste or Wonder? Martin Nickel Northern Manitoba
Les Eoliennes - Windmills Marissa Thiel Peel
Intermediate Espèces moléculaires excitées Jonathan Holla United Counties
Now You "C" it, Now You Don't... The Oxidation of Vitamin C Johanna Johnston Chatham-Kent
Water Separation Using Electrolysis James Wilde Michael Ness River East
Edible Cups Sabrina Alkanani Hayley Clift Eastern Newfoundland
Mass Drivers- Size Matters Sean Curtis Bay Area
The Drywallers Third Hand Carlyn Schlamp Miranda Froese Peace Country
Go With the Flow Nardeen Awadalla Leanne Moss Central Newfoundland
Hockey's Got a Brand New Bag Stephen Kowalchuk Parkland
Ski Doo Scrubber Abraham Eetak Homer Obszarski Kivalliq
A Safer Ladder Denny Trumier Carlton Trail
Senior Réinventer la roue Michel Lafrance Dominique Allaire-Tanguay Québec
Battlebot Cameron Williams Annapolis Valley
Good vibration: Detecting stress fractures in bones Christian Thériault Greg White New Brunswick
Electrical Motor Control Adam Fraser-Kruck Western Manitoba
Mud Brick Buildings: Engineering Earthquake Resistance Sarah Dickin Bay Area
L'aéro c'est poussée...! David C. Miller Marcel Hegetschweiler Québec
How About a Hand... Phil Prociw Chatham-Kent
Le MAGLEV: train du futur Mathieu Joly-Hébert Patrick Martineau Québec
Fundamentals of Rocketry Nara Kim York
Parking with Ease Wayne Chafe Eastern Newfoundland

Life Sciences

Junior The Effect of a Hockey Visor on Visual Function Suzanne Lockyer Sunset Country
You Can't Teach an Old Fly New Tricks, or Can You? Brendan Palmer Frontenac, Lennox, and Addington
The "Exhausted" Plant Project Andrew Pawluch Sudbury
That Sucks! What To Do When Your Patient Can't Say Ouch Rebekah Vickery Manitoba Schools Science Symposium
Transpirer c'est s'adapter Benjamin Leis Fransaskoise
Got Amalgam? The Toxicity of Amalgam Fillings Ryan Perez Bay Area
The Difference Earthworms Make in Growing Healthier Plants. Fariya Walji York
Intermediate Subitizing: A Misunderstood Concept Fuad Al-Amin Vlad Berbece Toronto
Moon Struck: The Sequel Britni Sitter Leader
Photodynamique, idée lumineuse Sophie Gobeil Québec
Talking with Horses Charlie Fiset Timmins
Le lin et les acides gras Daphné Dubois Fransaskoise
Fungus Feet Colleen Toews Peace Country
Bacteria and Cigarettes Don't Mix Alex Wong Greater Vancouver
Cardiovascular Endurance Jacques de Jager Regina
Memory Transfer in Turbellarians Lynne Chantranupong Niagara
Senior The Mighty Midge Measure Scott Rieder Paige Pierozynski Windsor
Murder in da Hood: The Induction of Apoptosis in Cancer Cells using a Novel Natural Compound Meighan Valero Hoa Trang Windsor
Two Minds in One Natalie MacLeod Anaies Nazarians Toronto
Word Processing Penny Shearer Emily Hill Bluewater
A Novel Cure for Hepatitis B Farah Chowdhury Edmonton

Physical Sciences

Junior Edison's Reproducer Travis Anderson Ryland Anderson Beaufort-Delta
Holographic Images David Castelino Andrew Rizzetto Peel
Fog Free Leanne Sharzer Ottawa
Intermediate Rockets - Fins and their effect on flight Luke Brannen Tri-County
Oxidizing Sucrose To Propel A Vehicle Veronica Krawcewicz Maria Marsh Edmonton

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